Tuesday 15 May 2018

2018 Burn it, to Learn it!

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2018 Burn it to Learn it!

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2018 Live Burn Event! 


WHO SHOULD ATTEND the 2018 Burn Event? 

Insurance claims professionals (Agents, Adjusters, managers and Subrogation units), Property and Community Association Managers.



From the first notice of a fire loss to the conclusion of the scene investigation, this program addresses insurance adjustment & subrogation issues, legal considerations, cause and origin investigation of a fire loss and much more. A topic loaded classroom program in the morning will move to a live fire burn of two pods. Applying the insurance, legal and investigation issues to a live fire.



  • Insurance and investigation team approach for a successful exam.
  • Roles and duties of everyone involved
  • The fine line between mitigation of damages and spoliation.
  • Securing the scene and preservation issues.
  • Avoiding spoliation, bad faith claims and potential sanctions from the fire loss.
  • Legal issues involving the insured, injuries from the fire, renters and impacted third parties.
  • Control and eventual release of the scene.
  • Identifying all potential subrogation targets (known and unknown).
  • Product liability subrogation fire trends.
  • Proper and NFPA compliant notice to parties and others impacted by the loss / protocols.
  • Proper Damage Documentation (adjuster tips for avoiding later deposition challenges).
  • Legal liability – theories of recovery in negligence, contract and product liability.
  • Fire scene safety issues as to adjusters, investigators and all involved.
  • Initial and joint scene examinations of the scene (do’s and dont’s).
  • NFPA 921 / Identifying origin, cause, fire spread and responsibility for the fire.
  • Interactions with government officials and fire departments.


After we learn…..it is time to burn!

  • Live burn of Pod 1
  • Live burn of Pod 2

Exploration of:

  • Fire Patterns
  • Remaining Evidence
  • Evidence Preservation

Michelle Hoffman Thompson Building Associates
Tom Bensen Bensen Fire & Safety Consulting
David Matejczyk, (rmi)
For more information, contact Michelle at [email protected] or 614-863-9650