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Water Damage and Water Removal/Extraction Columbus, Ohio

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Water Damage in Columbus, Ohio

Water Damage and Water Removal/Extraction Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio - Let’s face it, water is an important part of our everyday life. Without it, life on planet Earth wouldn’t be sustainable. Water also goes far beyond merely keeping us alive. It tastes great on a hot day, is essential for our morning shower routine, and even keeps our landscaping and grass looking their best. At the same H2O keeps us alive and everything looking great, it can also damage our homes and belongings.

Sources of Water Damage

In the Columbus, Ohio area we are at low risk when it comes to weather-related flooding situations. It’s a safe bet that no hurricanes or typhoons are going to be headed to our part of the world anytime soon. That doesn’t mean your home or business is exempt from water damage. Even without weather-related flooding, there remains a lengthy list of ways that water can damage can impact us. Listed below are just a few common circumstances that can potentially cause unwanted water intrusion and/or flooding inside your home or place of business.
  • Leaking Roof
  • Backed up Drain or Sewer
  • Toilet Overflow
  • Burst Pipe(s)
  • Fire Suppression Aftermath
  • Foundation or Basement Problems
  • Sump Pump Failure
  • Washing Machine Overflow
  • Water heater leak

Water Damage in Columbus, Ohio

Why Water Removal Can’t Wait

Unlike mold, insects, smoke or other unwelcome intrusions, home and business owners don’t usually react with great urgency and concern when it comes to a water issue inside their dwelling. “It’s just a little water, right?” and “A little water never hurt anyone.” Contrary to popular belief, a “little water” has hurt plenty of home and business owners. The pain is not only mental and possibly physical, but can cause a large amount of financial pain if not properly treated. Once it has saturated materials such as drywall, upholstery, floor coverings and cabinetry, the faster you take action the better. Quickly assess the situation, and decide if you are qualified, and properly equipped to tackle the clean-up yourself. If you have any doubt about the extent of damage, or if there is potential for a continued influx of water, call in a professional. Given the right environment, even a small amount can easily result in a dangerous and costly mold and mildew problem. Even if drywall, upholstery or carpeting, feels dry to the touch, it can still be saturated inside, and harboring the perfect environment for mold growth and continued damage. At ResQ24 by Thompson Building Associates, we’ve assisted thousands of Columbus, Ohio home and business owners with water damage assessment and repair. With 40 years of experience, you can count on us to quickly evaluate, and correct any damage from residential to commercial.

What to Expect

If you’re standing ankle-deep in a flooded basement, take a deep breath and remember that ResQ 24 is here to help. The first two calls to make after finding out you have a problem are with your insurance agency and to ResQ 24. It is important to begin the restoration process as soon as possible to help minimize the damage.
After you’ve made those calls, there are a few more steps to get your water damage insurance claim started.
  1. Review your homeowners or renters insurance policy. Your insurance company or agent can provide a copy if the original is missing or damaged. The declarations page has important information regarding your policy’s water damage coverage, deductibles, limitations or exclusions.
  2. Take photos and/or video of the damage before any cleanup or restoration begins. However, if you forget, don’t worry. Upon our arrival, our team will complete a thorough documentation of all damages.
  3. If you remove items from the water damaged area, don’t throw anything away until your claims adjuster has done an inspection.
  4. The ResQ 24 Team can quickly perform complete water extraction and drying, pack-out services, and full mold remediation as needed. We will also work directly with your insurance company to help eliminate confusion and stress for you.
  5. Keep detailed records or a log of each person you speak with at the insurance company. This log should include the date and time of the call, the representative’s name and a brief description of your conversation. Keep a copy of every written communication with the insurance company, including a file for digital communication like emails.

Water Extraction and Drying Equipment in Columbus, Ohio

When we arrive you can rest assured you’re in great hands. We come equipped with the latest modern, commercial-grade drying equipment. This includes, extractors, dehumidifiers, blowers, hardwood floor drying systems, absorbent materials, and anti-microbial agents. As well as other tools and supplies to prevent further water damage, and restore order to your home or business.

Water emergencies are an inconvenient nuisance, but our prompt team of professionals will thoroughly document your loss, with photos taken before work begins, during the cleanup and restoration process, and after our work is completed. We will also include sketches and drying logs as part of our water damage clean-up process. The ResQ 24 team will work hard to ensure a hassle-free experience for you from start to finish.   ResQ24 by Thompson Building Associates 3333 Refugee Road, Columbus, Ohio 43232 614-863-9650   Follow us on Facebook and Twitter