Monday 15 April 2019

Generation Z Enters the Workforce

Posted at 2:01 PM

A new generation of workers are slowly moving into the workforce. A recent CNBC article stated, Generation Z were born between 1996-2010 (give or take a couple years) consisting of 61 million people. Can you believe this is the second largest generation after baby boomers? The oldest of the Generation Z are 22-23 years old. With a new wave of people entering the working environment leaders are eagerly trying to find ways to gain, retain, and motivate.

As each generation circulates into the workplace, researchers eagerly analyze the group as a whole. Many people still look at the millennial generation as the troublesome group who were very different from their parents. Looking at the world around us, millennials are now the leaders at companies and should not be the focus for workplace statistics. Generation Z is bringing a whole new work style and personality into the working field.

How Do You Retain A Generation Z Worker?

Fun work environment
This generation is looking for a nice day to day experience and want to incorporate personal life with work life. They want to go to work and have co-workers turn into friends. Not only do they want to connect with co-workers but, have the opportunity to connect with their boss on a personal level. They crave feedback because they want to grow not because they are confused. The average Generation Z worker looks for growing opportunities in a company.
 Tech Savvy Company
They have grown up in a technology driven world. That being said, they usually are operating on more than two screens for most of the day. (Smartphone and PC) Therefore, this generation can pick up new things fast. They want to succeed in their position motivating them to work hard and learn fast. Alongside wanting a tech driven company, they search for companies online before an interview. Glassdoor and other review sites are slowly fading out and social media is becoming the go to spot for Gen Z. They look to social media to see how connected the company is and what the culture of the company could be.
Benefit Packages
Many Generation Z adults have seen their parents deal with financial hardships and want to be financially secure. Therefore, a good 401K package, health insurance, and life insurance are key factors when looking for a job. Many researchers see other high-ranking categories but, I see this as a big factor. Unlike the millennials, having a set future brings peace of mind to this generation. Millennials were more focused on wages and flexibility in a work place.   If you would like to keep up to date with all of Thompson Building's activities, please visit our Facebook and Twitter page!