Tuesday 24 March 2020

Moving Back After a Fire in Your Home

Posted at 11:44 AM

Moving Back in After a Fire

After you have experienced a fire there are a list of things you must start to think about. You start with who do I call to fix my home, how do I clean my stuff, where do I live, and several other questions. When the time finally comes for you to get back to normal life, you might still be thinking about next steps. Moving back after a fire should be a smooth transition after the several months of displacement. During this time, the homeowner gets their contents back, home back, and normal routines can begin.

Where do I start?

After the Fire
After your home has experienced any type of fire damage it is important to know what steps must be taken. Your mind is running a mile a minute and you may not be thinking about the process. Chances are that you have never had to experience this type of loss before. The first thing to understand is not to touch anything that has been in the fire. All food, drinks and medications should be thrown away following a fire. If you call your doctor or pharmacist and tell them you have been in a fire, they will replace your medication.  Someone will come and assess the damage to work out a plan on how to move forward.
Restoration Production Manager
The restoration team chosen will have one lead production manager working the project. They will notify throughout the process for inspection checks, progress checks, and timing of the job. When the time comes to do the final walk through, they will schedule a time to go through the home. This is your chance to see the final work. During this time you are able to have a few items retouched or sanded down to have your home looking exactly the way you would like.
Contents Pack Back
Contents are very important to all homeowners, especially after a fire. That is why we try to save any belongings and sentimental items. The restoration company hired will clean those contents and keep them until the job is complete. Another contents cleaning company may be called for larger items like refrigerators and ovens. Once the pack back is schedule, the homeowner is present to confirm the items on the inventory list. The inventory list is completed at the beginning when the contents were removed from the home. The items would have been cleaned out of any smoke and soot damage upon arrival. Then, packaged back into a new storage container to be moved back to your home.
What if I Made Changes?
If you decided to make changes and upgraded your flooring, bathroom, or anything in the home, notify your insurance agent. The insurance agent should be notified at the completion of the job and a review of your policy is recommended. Your agent will want to know of any changes that have been made and if a higher coverage is recommended. It is always a good idea to review your policy with your insurance agent at least once a year and after a fire restoration is the perfect time! Thompson Building Associates is trained in dealing with the emergency mitigation, restoration, and pack out and pack back of contents in your home. We are ready to respond 24/7 365 days a year. Our team is dedicated to provide the best service and get you back in your home as quickly as possible. Follow Thompson Building Associates on Social Media to stay up to date on the latest activities we are holding!

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