Thursday 30 August 2018

Quick Home Improvement Projects To Tackle Before The Holidays

Posted at 1:18 PM

Quick Home Improvement Projects To Tackle Before The Holidays

With Thanksgiving barely behind us and Christmas on the way, you’re likely worried about how your house looks for holiday guests. While you may think you don’t have time to hire a general contractor in time for Christmas, there are a number of quick home improvement projects you can do to really spruce up your home in time for your guests.

Quick & Easy Home Improvement Projects 

Door Know Improvement

Replace Doorknobs and Lock Sets

Do your doorknobs and locksets look a bit dated? If so, replacing them can give your home a much more updated, modern feel. Replacing doorknobs is fairly easy and while replacing locksets is a bit more challenging, it’s definitely something that most homeowners can handle. Grout Improvement

Clean and Seal Grout in Kitchen and Bathroom

Is the grout in your kitchen and bathroom looking a bit rough? If so, it’s best to use a special cleaner specifically designed to clean grout. Once you’ve cleaned the grout you can use a sealer to prevent it from getting dirty so quickly. Drawer Improvement

Replace Cabinet Hardware

Changing the finish and style of your cabinet hardware is another easy project that can really transform the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Give your home a more contemporary or traditional look just by swapping out your old drawer knobs and pulls for something that is a bit more up to date.

Shower Improvement

Replace Your Dated Shower Rod

Looking to give your holiday guests a little more room when they shower? Install a curved shower rod to give your guests some extra room when showering. Toilet seat improvement

Upgrade Your Toilet Seat

Your toilet seat may be the last thing you think about when it comes to home improvements, but we’re betting that it could use an upgrade. Examine your toilet seat to determine if it’s time for a new one. Some of the new models even offer convenience features such as soft closers to ensure your guests will have that resort-like feel in your bathroom. Kitchen cabinet improvment

Add Some Cabinet Organizers

If you feel like you never have enough storage space in your kitchens and bathrooms consider adding some cabinet organizers. This way you’ll have a place for everything when your guests arrive to ensure your house stays clutter free.

Contact Thompson Building Associate for All of  Your Home Improvement Needs

While many of these projects are easy enough that you can do them yourself, we know that some larger home renovation jobs are likely more than you want to handle. For those types of home remodeling projects don’t hesitate to contact the licensed general contractors at Thompson Building Associates today at 614-863-9650.
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