Monday 15 March 2021

Scavenger Hunt Bingo

Posted at 9:02 AM

Are you ready to go #TeamTBA hunting?

Come one, come all, your favorite game is back WITH A TWIST! This year's game includes a 3D Virtual Tour that you will use to hunt down members of the Thompson Building Associates Team, one by one. Every week, Arianny will send out an email containing the name of the #TBATeam member that you must find! We challenge you to find your way around our unique office, and get to know the crew that rebuilds properties and restores lives. So what about BINGO? Instead of keywords, your bingo cards will be filled with the names of each of our Associates. Submit a claim, and receive a free spot! A free spot can be used on any square at any time during the game. Instead of an "X" in the square, mark "FS" in the box when awarded. Attach the claim # and client's name to the gamecard when presenting your winning card! You can have as many free spots as claims sent in. The games begin on April 5th, 2021 and end June 17th, 2021. A name will be sent daily via the email you provide below. Winners must have winning cards in by 5 p.m. Once prize winners are announced the following morning, that prize is no longer available. One winner per card, per session. If more than 1 Grand Prize winner "Blackout" is submitted in the same day, the first submission will be the winner. Mark game cards with an "X" so that the word is still visible for verifying purposes or card is void. When you BINGO, call our office at 614-863-9650! PRIZES: Prizes will include a Toshiba 50" Smart TV, Brewery/Winery tour, Robot vacuum, and more! Game card win styles and prizes will be announced March 31st, 2021. Email [email protected] with any questions! Click here to sign up.