Commercial Disaster Recovery

The importance of a disaster recovery plan has never been greater. While it is impossible to completely avoid a disaster, careful planning can minimize the effects to your business and your bottom line.

Disasters, including fire, water, storms, pipe bursts and sewer back-ups, may cause damage to your home or business. These unexpected events can be devastating. Being prepared for a disaster is the first step in preventing disruption to your home or business. As the local leader in disaster recovery, we have seen the effects of not being prepared for a disaster.

With over 40-years of experience, we can assist with the pre-planning process. Being proactive ahead of a disaster allows everyone to know ahead of time what the plan is—as your emergency partner—we will respond for you to accelerate recovery time and minimize business disruption. Having the right restoration company, one that will serve you first, is the key to a successful recovery.

That’s why we have created an entire program that is dedicated to helping our clients build a plan before disaster strikes – our PRIME Plan.

Commercial Disaster Recovery Services

Thompson Building Associates has been the disaster recovery team that businesses have turned to for restoration and reconstruction services after a disaster. Throughout our decades of experience, we have seen it all and we understand that every job is unique. Our goal is to identify the priorities of each client, minimize primary and secondary damage and work as quickly as possible to get them back up and running.

What makes us different from other disaster recovery and restoration companies? Not only can we provide superior cleaning and restoration services, we also provide the construction services necessary to rebuild the damaged areas of your building. That means you have one team from the very beginning of the process through completion.

In addition, we will work closely with your insurance company or risk management team to ensure a seamless experience. When you choose Thompson Building Associates as your disaster recovery partner, you will quickly see why we lead the others in Central Ohio in disaster mitigation and reconstruction services.

Fire Restoration
Water Damage Restoration
Sewer Back-up Restoration
Content Restoration
Full Construction Service
Soot and Smoke Removal

Pack-out and Storage
Wind, Storm, and Hail Repairs
Board-Up Service
Demolition and Debris Removal
Tree Removal
Mold Remediation

Ozone and Deodorization
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Data Recovery
Electronic Cleaning
Detail Cleaning Service
Odor Removal

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