Commercial Mold Restoration

Any type of building, especially older ones are susceptible to mold due to high humidity, local climate, and poor ventilation.

Your property can quickly become infested with mold if you have plumbing, roof leaks, or excess moisture. Mold and mildew can spread in your entire property in just 48 to 72 hours and can produce harmful irritants and allergens that have severe health effects if inhaled.

If you suspect your building has a mold problem, call the experts at Thompson Building Associates. Our team of mold removal professionals can inspect and assess your building thoroughly. If they find that your home has been infected with mold, they will handle the situation with their expertise, training, and advanced equipment.

Our professional mold mitigation services include:

  • Initial Air Quality Testing
  • Mold Identification
  • Engineering Controls & PPE
  • Containment Enclosures
  • Structural Drying & Dehumidification
  • HVAC Cleaning
  • Decontamination
  • Disposal of Contaminated Materials
  • Final Clearance Testing
  • Reconstruction

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