Document & Media Recovery

Every hour that your business is interrupted due to any type of a disaster affects more than just your bottom line. Our partners not only recover your electronics and equipment, but their experts specialize in keeping your business running while recovery services are being performed.

Documents, Books and Vital Records

Through our partner relationships, Thompson Building Associates can provide the vital recovery of company information and record following a disaster. These assets may take multiple digital and paper documents.
These teams have years of experience in restoring data for both residential and business clients. Data recover is provided on all media ranging from internal and external hard drives, digital tape, RAI systems, optical storage and digital photos.

Information Security

In accordance with HIPAA and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the proper security and maintenance of business information are critical and a legal priority. Throughout the information recovery process, we will take extra measures to provide the highest level of security.

Special Collections, Libraries, and Museums

Our team has worked with libraries as well as numerous arts, historical, scientific and industrial museums on recovery projects. We intricately handle artwork, archival materials, biological specimens and three-dimensional items.

Secure Destruction

When the need arises, Thompson Building Associates can offer secure destruction of damaged and undamaged documents for customers who determine they no longer need to retain items damaged. By providing a safe and secure way to destroy your documents, we can offer our customers peace of mind that the information contained in their documents was destroyed completely.

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