Priority Disaster Response Program

Disasters and other catastrophes can strike anywhere, anytime. Not having a pre-emergency plan in place can mean last-minute decisions. If a disaster happens, last-minute decisions are almost certain to increase both the time and cost of recovery. Pre-disaster planning allows you the opportunity to make calm, well-thought-out decisions prior to a critical event.

Disaster & Emergency Recovery Pre-Planning

A disaster recovery plan needs to address pre-loss preventative measures, emergency procedures and post-loss efforts. While plans will vary from one organization to another, it is important to outline your plan based on the specific needs of your company, the priorities and the goals. What does the PRIME/PREP/ACT consist of?

The program is partnership between you and Thompson Building Associates. As part of the program, we work with you to develop an emergency response plan. We discuss and identify priorities for your company, perform a property walkthrough, set expectations, and outline procedures to follow should a disaster occur.

Another component of our program is the VIP Service Agreement, which is a non-binding agreement that allows us to determine how we will work together before a loss. It also allows your company to be prioritized over non-VIP clients in a community-wide disaster.

What does the Prime/PREP/ACT Plan cost?

There is no monetary cost associated with this program!

Basically, the cost is your time – taking the time to meet and build a partnership with us and walk-thru your building to develop the plan. The benefit of the time from the beginning – It saves you time should an emergcy occur.

How does this program allow Thompson Building Associates provide the highest quality service to our clients?

The program allows us to provide a better overall experience for our clients if a disaster strikes, because all the formalities are already taken care of. We know going into a loss, how we will handle the loss, where are crews should be staged, where shut-offs are located and we can get to work quickly because we are all on the same page before our crews even arrive on-site.

  • No cost or contractual obligation
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Response
  • Priority response in the event of a community-wide disaster
  • Easy Cloud access to your building and all emergency protocols
  • Pre-plan of your facility’s “vital statistics” for customized, more efficient disaster response
  • Priority Response Team Member to work with you
  • Yearly review of the plan to be sure critical information is current and up to date

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