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Team Thompson

Providing over 300 years of industry knowledge & experience



Doug “Magnum” Wallen

Production Manager

Carolyn Rogers, Purchaser, Thompson Building Associates

Carolyn Rogers



   Emergency Services, Mold, Cleaning

Joe Brooks, Production Manager, Thompson Building Associates

Joe Brooks

Production Manager, ResQ24


Restoration Specialists

Adam Thompson, Restoration Consultant, Thompson Building Associates

Adam Thompson

Restoration Consultant

Scott Bergstrom

Restoration Consultant

Emily McKenney

Restoration Consultant

Shawn Harsh, Estimator, Thompson Building Associates

Shawn Harsh

Restoration Consultant

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Marketing/Customer Service

John Hale, Marketing, Thompson Building Associates

Jon Hale


Michelle Hoffman


ThompsonDBR logo

Adam Thompson, Restoration Consultant, Thompson Building Associates

Adam Thompson

General Manager of TDBR

Thom Wells

Project Manager of Commercial Division

Scott Marion

Production Manager of TDBR


Joni Thompson

Executive V.P.

Shannon McCandlish, Office Manager, Thompson Building Associates

Shannon McCandlish

Office Manager

Ruth Mauger, Accounting, Thompson Building Associates

Ruth Mauger



Tim Thompson, Owner, Thompson Building Associates

James T. Thompson

Owner, President, Founder

Joni Thompson-Vice President,Thompson Building Associates

Joni Thompson

Executive V.P.

Terry A. Mosher, V.P. of Operations, Thompson Building Associates

Terry A. Mosher

V.P. of Operations

Karl Sant


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